Roll, the book, in a book shelf among other books.

Roll, a Children’s Book by Darcy Miller

A new book has hit the ‘shelves’ at Amazon and we are delighted to report that it’s about Birmingham Rollers. The book, Roll, is now available for purchase. It’s a children’s book with a set age range of 8-12 years written by Darcy Miller of Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. We also want to point out the super positive reviews on the book page.

Here is a description of the book from the Amazon page:

A hilariously funny and poignant debut novel, perfect for fans of Jerry Spinelli, Kat Yeh, Gary D. Schmidt, and Rebecca Stead.

When Lauren (but call him “Ren,” pretty please) Hall sees birds falling from the sky, he knows something is wrong. But just as he’s starting to worry, he realizes that the birds are plummeting toward the ground on purpose.

Turns out they’re Birmingham Roller Pigeons, and his new neighbor Sutton is training them for a competition.

Sure, it’s strange, but Ren’s best and only friend Aiden has picked this summer to start hanging with the popular kids. So Ren starts training pigeons with Sutton—what’s the worst that could happen? A bird falls on his head?

You’ll have to read Roll to find out.


If you as excited as we are, you can learn more and order your copy here: