Intensive Line-Breeding In Rollers

by Cliff Ball; September, 2015

This information is an assimilation of a brief review of the literature; observations and recommendations based on the successes and failures of the breeding programs of roller men who have decades of experience in the breeding, training, and competitive flying of Birmingham Rollers; personal experience; and particularly, an adaptation of a pamphlet given to me by my good friend, Eldon Cheney to coach my progress in the sport. The pamphlet on the line-breeding of high-performance Read More

Performance Captured On Video

One would agree with the notion that you have to see a Birmingham Roller perform in person to get a sense of what drives this hobby and its fanciers. Describing the performance isn’t complex but the description does it no justice. Photography and video have seldom helped in this regard; it’s technically difficult to capture performance with a typical video recorder or camera. There are however a handful of videos that one can look to if needed.  Read More