Attributes of Good Kit Birds

by Steve Agent; August 2002

1. They must kit and kit tight. Kit of Birmingham Rollers in flight
2. They must spin, preferably when others spin.
3. If they spin alone, they should cut the spin off shorter than if they spun with the kit. Basically, if they are 30′ they should stop around 15′.
4. If they have the kitting instinct they will cut the roll off (as needed).
5. If they did not spin and some of the others did, they should wait for the others to catch up instead of continuing the fly pattern creating a large gap between them.
6. They should never attempt to pull the kit in the opposite direction in which the kit is flying.
7. They should return to the kit by cutting the kit off instead chasing the kit.
8. After spinning they should never go in the opposite direction of the kit.
9. They should come out of the spin in the same direction that they were flying in.
10. They should race back to the team.