Performance Captured On Video

One would agree with the notion that you have to see a Birmingham Roller perform in person to get a sense of what drives this hobby and its fanciers. Describing the performance isn’t complex but the description does it no justice. Photography and video have seldom helped in this regard; it’s technically difficult to capture performance with a typical video recorder or camera. There are however a handful of videos that one can look to if needed. 

At approximately the 5:55 mark, the video below is one of the best, if not the best capture of Birmingham Rollers performing at maturity. The video does the performance justice however as most will agree, to get the best sense of performance, one would have to stand below a kit of mature Birmingham Rollers like with any performance or sport. This is great nevertheless, right? The video looks to be produced by Brian McCormick of California (AKA BMC), if not mistaken.